Wat er speelt, wat ons drijft en andere interessante updates mooi verzameld op één plek.

De Grote Beer
Schipper: Daan
Thuishaven: Harlingen 
Bouwjaar: 1911
Lengte: 40,75 meter
Slaapplekken: 34

De Rode Swan
Schippers: Dorette en Vincent
Scheepshond: Sara
Thuishaven: Harlingen 
Bouwjaar: 1880
Lengte: 37 meter
Slaapplekken: 32

Grootste editie tot nu toe

Dit jaar wordt de grootste editie van Sail for the Future ooit! Met 40 studenten van zes onderwijsinstellingen gaan wij een week lang op de Waddenzee varen en werken aan verduurzamingsvraagstukken. Door de grootte van deze editie zijn er ook meerdere casussen om aan te werken. Samen met vijf bedrijven gaan wij in zee om aan hun challenge te werken, later volgt hier meer info over. 

Ook betekent het aantal studenten dat we in april op pad zullen gaan met twee schepen! We stappen aan boord van twee eyecatchers, de Grote Beer en de Rode Swan. 

Grote Beer
De Grote Beer werd in 1911 is gebouwd onder de naam Ambulant. Pas in 1994 kreeg zij haar herkenbare masten en de naam Grote Beer. Door de 41 meter lange, witte romp en drie gele masten is ze niet te missen op het water! Dit grote schip biedt zowel binnen als buiten veel ruimte om comfortabel de zee op te gaan. Dit is het tweede jaar dat wij aan boord met Daan mogen meevaren. 

Rode Swan
De Rode Swan is een mooie stevenklipper gebouwd in 1880. Dit schip heeft haar naam natuurlijk te danken aan haar rode kleur, waardoor ook zij niet te missen is op het water. Door haar sportieve zeileigenschappen en geringe diepgang zeilt ze actief, ook tegen wind en stroming in! Naast het sportieve heb je b
enedendeks ook alle ruimte om bij elkaar te komen in de gezellige salon.

Schippers en eigenaren Dorette en Vincent genieten van het dynamische zeilen op de  Waddenzee en delen graag hun passie met jou!

Is it time to cancel Cruise Ships for good?

August 9, 2021, by Nick Babyak
As populations vaccinate, parts of the World are slowly beginning to return to life as pre-Covid normal. Or perhaps a “new normal”, as some Covid-era changes may be here to stay. For example, remote work:
McKinsey found that Executives plan to reduce office space by 30%, on average, and that about 20% of business travel may not return. 

Architizer also highlights how Covid has changed the way architects design offices, green spaces, restaurants, and more to accommodate factors like social distancing and decreased car use. 

Cruise Ships, another pre-Covid norm put on pause during the pandemic, are now coming under scrutiny as our new normal world takes shape… 

Why Eva sails for the future

I believe that design thinking is a great way of looking at and dealing with complex issues. I also believe that one of the biggest and most complex issues of our time is climate change. So, working to solve climate change using the design thinking approach seems a logical path forward. Design thinking is using the concepts of human-fueled ideation and prototyping to provide solutions to the true problems underneath the struggles of our time. Why I think this is so powerful? Design thinking puts the human in the center of the equation. Technology can be part of the equation too and is often seen as the center. I believe it shouldn’t be. That design thinking and climate change work well together is something I have experienced lately, by participating in the sailing think tank “Sail to the COP” on my way to the climate conference COP25 in Chile. Bringing together bright, creative minds, experiencing the bonding element of sailing while all navigating towards the same goal: to come up with solutions that will change our future. Where Sail to the COP was mainly focused on the travel sector and policy makers, Sail for the Future focusses more on companies and the change they still need to make to make the European Green Deal succeed. A new perspective which again can use some creative minds to conquer the waves. Are you in?

Why Joep sails for the future

I sailed for the future once. I needed to get to my new job, which happened to be across the Atlantic. I did not at all expect how much I would learn on the way. New doors opened. Frankly, the journey made me a bit famous. Who would ever have thought that not using an airplane would be beneficial to one’s career? Of course, all of this was not for free. I invested quite some capital. It was well worth it. I was not the only one who sailed that year. Others made the same decision and inspired new others to follow. I will sail again, for the future, as the future that I envision is not yet here. As before, I will innovate for others, I could innovate for you too. On the open waters the truth comes naturally. Creativity is carried to the ship that bears you to your destination through the endless waves with different shapes. Will you join me on these ships? Will you sail with me, to reshape the future? Will you help re-designing our society, by freeing your mind on the waves of tomorrow?