Meet the Teams

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Without a location we cannot have an innovation program! As the team operations and logistics, we initially look for a suitable location and set the requirements for it. We maintain contacts with various companies and organizations that can help us with this. Once on location, we are also in charge. We know where the suppliers, volunteers and participants should be and when. In collaboration with an event agency, we solve the (logistical) problems that will undoubtedly arise. Basically, we ensure that the event runs as smoothly as possible!

This team creates and coordinates all external messaging. This means we keep ourself busy with managing the Sail for the Future website, social media profiles, our blog, the newsletter, and some other marketing activities.

For lack of a better name, welcome to HR (human resources)! We have a big heart for all fellow sail for the future volunteers and believe that everyone can contribute something to Sail for the Future. We look for the right fit when someone comes to us, and make sure everyone is in the right place. At Sail for the Future you can develop yourself immensly and we love to facilitate that for you.

As the sailing team, we ensure that there will be a spectacular fleet in Scheveningen to make the crossing. Because we need a lot of organization, skippers and boats we seek and maintain contact with the various parties required for that. Together we ensure that there are sufficient sailing spots for all participants; we guarantee safety; we provide a race committee; and fill the harbor with as many fantastic ships as possible. With a passion for sailing as a driving factor and a hand-on mentality, we make this event a success with everything that sails!

As team acquisition, we ensure that our innovation program is provided with interesting guests and speakers. In order to approach the right people for our entire event, including scientists, influencers and students, we enter into dialogue with a large, diverse group of people. Together we ensure that all the people needed to organize and promote the program are present. Together we ensure that there are interesting guest speakers; that there is sufficient publicity; that there are enough students to think along with; and so on. Not afraid to approach people and convince them of our mission? Then this is the team for you!

With a huge project like this it is essential that the finances are in order. This team is involved in drawing up budgets, but also in devising and setting out sponsor packages. An affinity with Excel is certainly a plus in this group, but anyone who wants to commit to this important task in the Sail for the Future team is welcome.

All these super awesome people that would love to help out but don't know how? We help them with that! We make sure to contact everyone thats interested and discuss with them in which team they will feel right at home.

The core team consists of the most active members, at least 1 from each other team, who meet every week to discuss the current status and the course we want to set as a group.

As a legal team we ensure that behind the scenes the foundation has its administrative affairs in order. Because this is a tough job, we seek and maintain contact with a legal office. Among other things, we ensure that the foundation is legally established, check the statutes, are ultimately responsible for the sponsorship and participation contracts, and arrange the insurance. As part of team legal you are in the middle of our organization. We have short lines with the other teams.

As the innovation team we provide a unique innovation program in Scotland. For this we need a lot of participating companies, who are enthusiastic to accelerate towards a sustainable economy. Together we are responsible for the substantive side of the innovation program; attracting specialists in the field of innovation; and setting up different ways to monitor acceleration progress in companies both before and after the event. We will not talk during our event, but do and that requires good preparation and completion.

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Meet the Vacancies

You are always welcome to help our teams in any way you can, but if you want to, and can, fullfill the following roles we'd be even happier to have you aboard! welkom als je ons kan helpen onderstaande taken te vervullen!


Do you want to use your financial knowledge to contribute to a better world together with us? Then read on and sign up!