I sailed for the future once. I needed to get to my new job, which happened to be across the Atlantic. I did not at all expect how much I would learn on the way. New doors opened. Frankly, the journey made me a bit famous. Who would ever have thought that not using an airplane would be beneficial to one’s career? Of course, all of this was not for free. I invested quite some capital. It was well worth it. I was not the only one who sailed that year. Others made the same decision and inspired new others to follow. I will sail again, for the future, as the future that I envision is not yet here. As before, I will innovate for others, I could innovate for you too. On the open waters the truth comes naturally. Creativity is carried to the ship that bears you to your destination through the endless waves with different shapes. Will you join me on these ships? Will you sail with me, to reshape the future? Will you help re-designing our society, by freeing your mind on the waves of tomorrow?