I believe that design thinking is a great way of looking at and dealing with complex issues. I also believe that one of the biggest and most complex issues of our time is climate change. So, working to solve climate change using the design thinking approach seems a logical path forward. Design thinking is using the concepts of human-fueled ideation and prototyping to provide solutions to the true problems underneath the struggles of our time. Why I think this is so powerful? Design thinking puts the human in the center of the equation. Technology can be part of the equation too and is often seen as the center. I believe it shouldn’t be. That design thinking and climate change work well together is something I have experienced lately, by participating in the sailing think tank “Sail to the COP” on my way to the climate conference COP25 in Chile. Bringing together bright, creative minds, experiencing the bonding element of sailing while all navigating towards the same goal: to come up with solutions that will change our future. Where Sail to the COP was mainly focused on the travel sector and policy makers, Sail for the Future focusses more on companies and the change they still need to make to make the European Green Deal succeed. A new perspective which again can use some creative minds to conquer the waves. Are you in?